Gekko Manager v0.77


  • Latest version: 0.77
  • Last Updated: Thursday, April 17, 2008
  • License: Freeware (personal and commercial use)
  • OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • Languages: English, Polish, Japanese, German, Arabic, Czech
  • Size: 811 KB

Download latest version for Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Windows Vista:

Gekko Download

Version history


  • Added Czech translation
  • Fixed issue with FTP files date


  • Added new icons to the toolbar menu e.g. "Move" button
  • Added the 'icons' submenu to the Options menu: ("All associated" or "Standard")
  • Added the "editor for F4" option ("Edit")
  • Fixed issue with the move operation while mounting the drive
  • Fixed issue with the 1970 date (FTP)
  • Fixed issue with the "One Level UP" button
  • Updated German language
  • Updated Japanese language
  • Fixed issue with the main window drag-and-drop
  • Added Arabic translation

v0.75 RC

  • Added toolbar menu
  • Minor interface tweaks

v0.74 Beta

  • Fixed memory leak problem in the XML module
  • Fixed issue with the shift selection
  • Fixed issue with the password dialog

v0.73 Beta 3

  • Fixed issue with paths containing space characters
  • Fixed issue with paths containing double slash
  • Added browse history
  • Added two new buttons - History and Favorites
  • Minor interface tweaks
  • Scrolling to the new/last directory
  • Insert/Space key select file or directory
  • Added move feature
  • Added German translation

v0.73 Beta 2

  • Works with more FTP servers when getting the list of remote files
  • Added symbolic link support
  • Fixed bug, which appears in Gekko 0.72 Beta. Bug causes that copying directory from local machine to server is impossible
  • Fixed issue with progress bar during downloading file list from a FTP server
  • Messagebox always take the focus
  • Updated English language
  • Minor interface tweaks
  • Check for correction of resume download was implemented

v0.72 Beta

  • Fixed issue with "change attributes" window
  • Added "Add to favorites" option to the Navigator Menu
  • Added Japanese translation
  • Fixed issue with connection time limit servers

v0.71 Beta

  • Added to the Commands menu:
    • Map network drive
    • Disconnect network drive
    • Share current directory
    • Unshare directory

v0.70 Beta

  • Added new file type icons
  • Added file name to progress bar
  • Fixed issue with shortcut Ctrl+F4
  • Updated English and Polish languages

v0.69 Beta

  • Fixed issue with "LIST" ("NLST") command in FTP Command Box

v0.68 Beta

  • Added this version history
  • Added FTP Command Box, (Menu -> FTP)
  • Updated Polish translation